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    Safety Net Protection
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    safety net protection


    Safety Net Protection by Tweet World Travel

    Safety Net Protection is a valuable option provided by Tweet World Travel that offers passengers peace of mind when booking their tour or cruise packages. It serves as a safeguard against unforeseen circumstances that might require changes to travel plans. It's important to note that Safety Net Protection is not automatically included in the tour/cruise packages offered by Tweet World Travel. Passengers interested in availing this protection can do so by paying an additional fee of $135 per person.

    Key Features of Safety Net Protection:

    Amendment Flexibility: Safety Net Protection empowers passengers to make amendments to their Tweet Tours and/or Tweet World Cruises, provided that the request is made more than 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date. This allows passengers to change to another tour/cruise on the same destination departing within the same year. Importantly, this change can be made only once, and it does not incur any cancellation charges or penalties from Tweet World Travel.

    Cost Considerations: When opting for Safety Net Protection, passengers can select a new tour/cruise that is of the same cost or higher than the initially booked one. However, the new tour cannot be of lower cost. If passengers choose a higher-cost option, they are required to pay the additional difference amount.

    Time Restrictions: Amendments to bookings can only be made more than 30 days before the departure date. Changes requested within 30 days of departure will not be accepted under Safety Net Protection.

    Applicability: Safety Net Protection is applicable exclusively for tours and river cruises that are operated by Tweet Tours/Tweet World Cruises. It does not extend to travel products that are not operated by these entities.

    Payment: Passengers who wish to avail Safety Net Protection must make the payment at the time of making their booking. It's important to note that once purchased, Safety Net Protection is non-refundable.

    Limitations: It's important to understand that Safety Net Protection does not cover airfares, third-party fees, or charges. Its sole purpose is to facilitate amendments to the booking, not cancellations.

    Exclusivity: Safety Net Protection applies only to the original passenger named in the booking. It is not transferrable to other individuals.

    Purchasing and Product Details:

    Product Code: SFTYNET

    Price: $135 per person

    Purchase Deadline: Safety Net Protection must be purchased and paid within 24 hours after receiving the booking confirmation.

    Safety Net Protection provides passengers with the assurance that if their plans change unexpectedly, they can modify their travel arrangements without incurring hefty penalties or cancellation fees. It's a valuable tool for maintaining flexibility while booking a memorable travel experience with Tweet World Travel.


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